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Why Choose Cars Express?

A few reasons to choose Cars Express are:

  1. We save you time and money.
  2. We handle all makes and models.
  3. We can meet or beat any lease deal in town. See our guarantee!
  4. All lease sources are available through us.
  5. We can arrange leases direct with the manufacturers.
  6. We cater to all credit profiles.
  7. We will assist you with your trade-ins and lease terminations.
  8. A pleasant, no hassle experience.
  9. Free consultation.

How Much Does Cars Express Charge?

There is absolutely no charge to you for our service. We work with the dealers and receive referral fees due to the immense volume of leases we send through them. Also, by working with Cars Express, you are bypassing the retail salespeople in the dealership which means that a there is no sales commission to be paid.

If I use Cars Express for my new car, where does the car come from?

All cars come from the authorized car dealer. We only facilitate the transaction at the lower cost. Many times the car is delivered to your home or office directly from the auto dealer.

Do I still receive the dealer and manufacturer warranty?

Absolutely!  It is as if you personally purchased or leased the vehicle directly from your local dealer. You are the owner or lesee of the car, with all of the rights to the car’s warranty.

Do I still have access to all manufacturer rebates and manufacturer special financing?

Definitely! With Cars Express working for you, you are buying or leasing directly from the dealer so you are entitled to all special financing and manufacturer rebates.

Does it matter where I have my car serviced?

Not at all. Your car is covered by the same factory warranty that you receive if you went to a dealership directly. It can be serviced at any authorized service facility.

How long does it take to lease a new car?

We often can get you in a new car the same day; delivered to your home or office!

How Do I Get Started?

Simply give us a call or fill out our inquiry form and we will start working for you.